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The colleges, either being a state institution or a private business, have very different Fake degrees, but real certificates. Besides Rochville, many other colleges that have been revealed as degree mills are listed by LinkedIn users on their resumes—thousands of professionals are claiming fake degrees as the foundation for their professional expertise. In Pakistan buy degree, Pakistan affordable degree that is, purely based on your prior learning credentials. Axact sold over 200,000 fake degrees in Gulf countries. 4 Aug 2010 Fake certificate/degree holders are thrown out instantly and made to that same criterion applies to the Pakistan Navy and the Pakistan Air Force as well. 26 Apr 2017 128 fake degree holders are holding key positions in various govt Kashmir is a disputed area not possible change legal status FM Qureshi. When it comes to making high quality custom fake diplomas, nobody has been better built to face the challenge than Diploma Company! Our product line includes professional-printed fake ged, high school and college degrees along with novelty academic transcripts and several popular choices of certificates. This list is derived from several sources, to provide one comprehensive list. Only one department has to be operated in Pakistan for degrees and degrees We have been around creating fake degrees since 1999 and opened Diploma Makers to help assist those looking for a fake diploma or fake transcripts in 2001. 'Granted that nowadays, people are selling fake degrees which look like the real McCoy from every angle but it shouldn't be difficult for authorities in India to detect such cases as they handle At least 13 Manitobans could have purchased bogus university degrees from fake institutions according to a months-long CBC investigation which revealed more than 800 people in Canada are linked to purchasing fake degrees from diploma mills. I just wanted to confirm if that is  22 Jul 2010 Fake university degree suggestions in Pakistan The Daily Telegraph the law in 2002, requiring all candidates to hold a bachelor's degree. The amendment would reportedly increase "imprisonment from six The problem with a fake degree (or IMHO, for profit colleges) is the person named in the degree does not have the specific job knowledge the degree implies. later struck down the law. m. Q: A person living in Sharjah took the fake degree to the foreign office of Pakistan in Sharjah for attestation. Pakistan Fake Certificates, Fake Certificates from Pakistan Supplier - Find Variety Fake Certificates from certificate holder ,kc certificate ,certificate frame, Paper & Paperboard Printing Suppliers Located in Pakistan, Buy Fake Certificates Made in Pakistan on Alibaba. London, England (CNN)-- With competition still fierce in the jobs market, some people might be tempted to beef up their resume by buying a fake degree. Aside from the monetary cost, though, the business of diploma mills and fake degrees has undercut the value of higher education. First cheating in the examinations’ stamp is on Pakistan’s educational system and now Axact’s fake degree stamp. APPLICATION NO. Phony college degrees, bogus high school diplomas, and counterfeit professional certificates top the list of current Internet scams. Axact, which claims to be the “world's largest IT  8 Oct 2018 A two-time MPA has been practicing law on a fake degree and the Supreme Court is not amused. Not all companies do background checks , I worked in Walmart and they didn't do it. com Between 2009 and 2015, Pakistani software firm Axact, which also owns the media company BOL Network, peddled fake degrees to over 200,000 people in 197 countries. Recommend judiciary, and law MUST also find fake-degree holders and fire them The degree granting process is achieved thru the exploitation of LEGAL LOOPHOLES. The new law has removed the degree requirement. Axact (Urdu: ایگزیکٹ ) is a Pakistan software company that runs numerous websites selling . 4295 OF 2013 (Application on behalf of Muhammad Atta Shah and others against Mr. Announcing its 39-page reserved List of Scam Schools - Beware the Scams. Faking it: a timebomb that will ruin your life Share via Email; A degree is a valuable commodity, which means that for some people the idea of falsely claiming one can be too tempting to The Supreme Court on Mon-day disqualified Pakistan Mus-lim League-Nawaz (PML-N) Member National Assembly (MNA) Sumaira Malik for holding a fake degree and directed the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) to further proceed against her in accordance with the law. Pakistan online degree program, Pakistan online diploma and Pakistan online certificate that accepts your prior learning credits are easy means of providing you Pakistan accredited degrees/ Pakistan accredited online degrees. Pakistan | 2018-03-13 09:35:03 University teachers opt for talks with CM on new law. Whatever the answer, the report could not have rocked Pakistan like it did if it was not for the fact that Axact, a software company, was planning to launch a multi-platform print and electronic media group called Bol (Speak Up). Even the term “accredited” has been defaced. Mr. The problem of fake degrees is nothing new Parallel to the types of fake degree consumer, are two types of fake degree businesses: Fake degree suppliers make no pretense of being colleges or leading consumers to believe their resumes can translate to real degrees. New Zealand law makes it illegal to use the terms "degree" or "university" in reference . After the directions from PM, the law enforcement agencies have started gathering all the records of present and former directors for the last ten years. 18 Jan 2018 The notorious IT firm from Pakistan, AXACT is back in business with as degree legislation fee otherwise he might have to face legal action. the fake degree of Navid Ahmed Siddiqui is the same Once you have purchased your documents, you should add fake diploma picture frames. Pakistan MPs in fake degree scandal. 4275 OF 2013 (Application on behalf of Ch. 9 Nov 2018 ISLAMABAD: The Supreme Court of Pakistan will hear a petition next week concerning an alleged fake academic degree held by Director  Jun 26, 2019 Holders of fake degrees most frequently serve as teachers, police The U. In case of professional degree/diploma, Registration and/or recognition from relevant professional body. Tomar's arrest emerged after senior Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) leader Sanjay Singh tweeted about his detention around 11 a. Trusted & Proven System. Read on for Fake university degree suggestions in Pakistan. He is accused of submitting fake documents to secure employment. Pakistan’s top court will hear a fake degree case against Lahore NAB Director General Shahzad Saleem. com, we know none of you are silly enough to be fooled into buying a fake degree! But, as shown by this week’s news of the UK’s crackdown on fake degree websites, there are plenty of swindlers out there trying to cheat students into buying a degree which is about as useful as Monopoly money in a shop. Most hard hit have been legitimate online degree programs. The revelations were made in a recent article published by Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, which states that over 800 Canadian citizens purchased fake degrees from Axact. government alleges that after Pakistani law enforcement shut  Mar 8, 2019 Your Fake Degree; the 'gateway' to employment. fake degrees from a multi-million-pound' diploma mill' in Pakistan. May 21, 2015 The blog Pak Tea House compiled some reactions on the NYT's Axact degree mill story. Verifiable Degree is a website where you can obtain your degree. With the advent of Internet, earning a degree is getting more convenient and easy. This is usually equivalent to two years of a four years of university degree in most countries, especially in USA, Canada and Australia. "Fake Diplomas, Real Cash: Pakistani Company Axact Reaps Millions". In monetary terms fake degrees cost from $50 up to thousands of dollars. See these stories for some sources of fake degrees in Pakistan: Chowk: : Fake Degrees for the Big Boys in Pakistan Fake-degree scandal roils Pakistan politics - The Boston Globe I love this quote: "A degree is a degree! Whether fake or genuine, it’s a degree! It makes no difference!’’ Is a college degree worth taking on thousands in debt? "Even more disturbing, an extrapolation of the percentage of people holding fake diplomas in the medical field revealed potentially 2 million Fake-degree scandal roils Pakistan politics The controversy has its roots in a 2002 law imposed by former military ruler Pervez Musharraf that required candidates for office to hold a bachelor London, England (CNN)-- With competition still fierce in the jobs market, some people might be tempted to beef up their resume by buying a fake degree. They unabashedly sell, advertise, and fiercely market “fake,” “phony,” “bogus,” and “novelty” degrees. Thousands of UK nationals have bought fake degrees from a multi-million pound "diploma mill" in Pakistan, a BBC Radio 4's File on Four programme investigation has found. Fake degree could land you in jail, official warns Those who photocopy official documents and tamper with them face up to five years in jail Published: July 01, 2014 15:20 By Nada Al Taher, Staff Buy Customized Fake Passport, Diplomas & Degree If you are looking for original looking to buy fake certificates, degrees and diplomas, then you have come to the right place. Pakistan’s Supreme Court struck down the requirement in April 2008,but not before Musharraf allowed elections in February of that year. The following list of scam diploma mills should help you quickly identify schools that you either definitely do not want to deal with, or often could find a fully accredited alternative. Records from one of the world's leading diploma mills link over 800 Canadians to the scam. A scandal surrounding an academic degree scam spanning the globe and involving hundreds of fake online universities has rocked Pakistan and led to the unraveling of a yet-to-be-launched media Pan-India Fake Degree Racket Busted, Accused Sold 50,000 Certificates Of Universities, Schools The three accused, Pankaj Arora, 35, Pawiter Singh alias Sonu, 40, and Gopal Krishna alias Pali, 40 Differentiating an original degree from a fake one may seem daunting. All the attestation in Pakistan were forged, however, the foreign office in Sharjah only object the UAE embassy stamp, and handed over the person to Police. Attestation of a fake degree for the purpose of employment in the UAE. Whether it is just having that fake degree hanging on your wall to fool your friends, or you need fake transcripts to get your parent off your back, we are here to help you. cms. Welcome to The National, the flagship nightly newscast of CBC News It is a shame that in Pakistan people like Jamshed Dasti who had a fake degree and did not know the fundamentals of religion, was not only a member of the parliament, but also Chairman of the 300 PIA employees sacked for fake degrees This is the type of leadership that democracy throws up in Pakistan. 2011). They were consequently served with a legal notice. fake degree) AND CIVIL MISC. The fake degree scandal has touched a nerve in powerful electronic media and among middle-class Pakistanis, where the current president, Asif Ali Zardari, is widely considered a corrupt figure Buy Customized Fake Passport, Diplomas & Degree If you are looking for original looking to buy fake certificates, degrees and diplomas, then you have come to the right place. 8 Nov 2018 ISLAMABAD: The Supreme Court (SC) was told on Wednesday that the degrees of 205 practising lawyers across Pakistan were found to be  29, Comstech Degree College, Gulgasht Colony, Multan. Some examples of fake degree majors that are commonly requested would be majors in Business Administration, Finance, Sociology, Theology, Fine Art, Communications, and Computer Science. Totally Verifiable. Strict application of law is not exclusive to the armed forces only; it is  22 Jul 2010 Is the SC verdict on fake degrees being sabotaged? expose the fake degree holding MPs, has no power to approach a court of law seeking  Axact (Urdu: ایگزیکٹ ) is a Pakistan software company that runs numerous websites selling . Please try again later. Information about Mr. Leads Law College, Burewala 27 Comstech Law College, Gulgasht Colony, Multan 28 Comstech Degree College, Gulgasht Colony, Multan 29 Pakistan Mission Law College, Neel Kot, Bosan Road, Multan 30 Lahore University of Computer Excellence, New Garden Town, Lahore 31 Arqum College of Science & Arts, Court Road, Gujranwala 32 Here at TopUniversities. Superior Fake Degrees is an expert and experienced replicated certificates provider who is proficient in developing top quality fake certificates online. > Accord It is a good news to share with our OVERSEAS Pakistanis, living in KSA, UAE, QATAR,OMAN, and Europe that AIMMS Pakistan overseas chapter has made it easy for them to get 1 to 3 year professional diploma under fast track and as per agreement of AIMMS with the Traccert Canada and PSRB Pakistan only with the aims to get our Pakistanis Certified in The noble profession of law has become a tool to earn money and exploit others, thanks to the flawed local mechanism of distance learning (e-learning) law degree programmes. The Law and Diploma Mills Consumer Incentive: Driving the Slippery Business of Fake Degrees . Quaid-i-Azam University, Islamabad. We have created Fears in UAE over ‘Pakistan degrees’ scam. Analysts say many candidates apparently submitted fake degree papers to qualify for those races. Engineers, legal clerks, CEOs, politicians, teachers. A person living in Sharjah took the fake degree to the foreign office of Pakistan in Sharjah for attestation. Distance learning has More than 140 fake degrees and certificates from foreign universities were caught by UAE authorities last year, a minister told the Federal National Council (FNC). Feb 15, 2019 For employers, a degree is a real, tangible piece of evidence fake degrees, resulting in an investigation by Pakistan's Federal most prestigious degrees available – a Master's Degree in Law from the University of Oxford. The team spent months Pakistan jails Axact boss over $140m fake diploma scam. . “The National Accountability Bureau should monitor the process and ensure that the fake degree holders are punished by law,” the source suggested. 31, Lahore University of Computer  16 Jul 2010 It is a moment of shame for Pakistan; the Higher Education Their argument being that the unjust law forced many to opt for fake degrees. With a Master in Pakistan program, students are afforded the flexible scheduling options of full-time, part-time, and online studies to earn their degree. The law forms politics, economics, history and society in different ways and serves as a arbitrator of relations between people. Mark sheets and Degrees Pakistan. In case the documents are being pre sented by a person other than the degree holder, an authority letter for the authorized person along with a copy of CNIC of the authorized person duly attested by Grade-17 and above officer is required. A degree is a degree! Whether fake or genuine, its a degree! Fake degree scandal roils Pakistani politics. We even stock college diplomas from various graduation years and more! Fake Diplomas, Real Cash: Pakistani Company Axact Reaps Millions Image Axact, which has its headquarters in Karachi, Pakistan, ostensibly operates as a software company. KARACHI: The Axact fake degree scandal has engulfed Canada, after investigations by the Federal Bureau of Investigation and an international publication revealed over 800 Canadian citizens The momentum set by investigations into the fake degree scam finally caught up with Bol on Saturday when President and Editor-in-Chief of Axact's media group, Kamran Khan, tweeted he was quitting. "Pakistan In Denial Mode" MEA DUBAI - India churns out brilliant graduates by the thousands every year. A thriving illegal racket in the subcontinent – specifically India and Pakistan - has now spilt over into the UAE with all sorts of educational How to get a degree at a shortest time is almost impossible to do. GC University, Faisalabad. It’s important to consider the legitimacy of your degree. 2 years: Higher Diploma (Selected Major Only) USD$ 290: A Higher diploma is an academic award below bachelor degree. The Federal National Council (FNC) has passed the draft law that regulates the  12 Mar 2018 Assistant Director (legal) RHO, NADRA, Karachi. Pakistan Today got copy of a fake degree of a person who claims himself to be a graduate of NED University of Engineering and Technology. Designed by Experts in Education. Law Minister Jitendra Singh Tomar was on Tuesday arrested in connection with the ongoing row over the authenticity of his academic degree. 21 Jul 2010 Scores of Pakistani parliamentarians who faked university Among those suspected of holding fake degrees are the Law minister Babar Awan  26 Apr 2010 Regardless of their party, all fake degree holders should be removed and made supporting letter to the Supreme Court Chief Justice or a letter to Pakistani newspapers. The following universities are authorized to award law degrees in Pakistan: School of Law and Policy, University of Management and Technology, Lahore. ISLAMABAD: The Higher Education Commission (HEC) — the premier education body in Pakistan — has been found verifying known fake degrees of powerful government officers and this fact has been established by evidence. KARACHI: While accusing the government of ‘deceit’ in negotiations over the autonomous structure of universities, an issue persisting since 2013, the leadership of university teachers once again opted for talks and announced on Monday at a press conference that their delegation would meet the chief Over the past few weeks there has been political brouhaha in Pakistan – played out daily on the nation’s front pages and interview programs — as dozens of federal and provincial lawmakers have been found to be holding fake university degrees. University of Sindh, Sindh. A frame will make it easy to display your associate degree! If you envision several scenarios where you might need fake college diplomas, you can buy them in bulk, so that you always have one on hand. June 30, 2010 The controversy has its roots in a 2002 law imposed by former A Canadian man speaks to CBC about how he lost $100K to a con-artist who posed as a lawyer with a fake law degree. Jan 31, 2017 Fake degrees are bad news for universities and employers. from a recognized Pakistani or common law country varsities. Links provide access to primary documents, legal commentary, and general government information about specific jurisdictions and topics. The case will be heard on Fake degree probe: Tomar admits to visiting Bundelkhand varsity for first time It was from this university that Tomar had supposedly obtained his migration certificate in 1993, which he used to enroll in a law course in Bihar’s Tilka Manjhi Bhagalpur University. 15 Sep 2017 of about 800 Canadians who could have bought a degree from the world's largest diploma mill in Pakistan. 'Out of the total number of cases we get for background screenings in the Middle East, nearly 25 per cent of the people end up holding fake academic degrees or certificates. Jun 5, 2019 Pakistan's Fake Degrees, part of the 101 East weekly current affairs series, attempt to bring meaningful legal action against Axact's founder,  May 9, 2017 Diploma mills are big business, conferring bogus credentials on added: "Just two of the sellers -- Axact from Pakistan and University Degree Program " Graduates were employed in business, education, law enforcement,  May 2, 2019 Investigating how Pakistan's degree mill profits from selling fake qualifications to people around the world. It said the time for apologies is over. Lailpur Law College, Faisalabad. 30, Pakistan Mission Law College, Neel Kot, Bosan Road, Multan. Buyers were willing to spend up to half a million pounds. As with degree types, you can choose whatever type of major you like. Faisal Zaman, MPA, on account of But my fake degree in from one of the million colleges in USA. com Consumer Reporting Team : Here's a list most states in the USA hope they'd never make: the top 10 states in the United States where lax laws have encouraged scam artists to operate degree mills or diploma mills. But, unfortunately, it also churns out fake degrees by the thousands. Ghulam Qamar for taking action against Ghulam Sarwar Khan, MNA, on account of having fake degree) AND CIVIL MISC. Those who fell prey to the fake degree scam in Canada include engineers, nurses, counsellors and doctors. the market for fake degrees is booming, despite the moral and legal issues associated with using them. Diploma Mill Police > Degree Mills, What They Are and How To Avoid Them By GetEducated. must hold a university degree, a move largely aimed at keeping his rivals out of parliament. They include National Health Service consultants, nurses and a large defence Get a realistic fake diploma, college degree, or transcript from the school of your choice with an authentic looking seal, shipped quickly and starting at less than $50 each! Please don't be fooled by phony diploma sites that charge sky high prices, buy from us and you will find out for yourself that our fake diplomas, degrees, and transcripts Fake diplomas are a billion-dollar industry, according to experts, and Marketplace obtained business records of its biggest player, a Pakistan-based IT firm called Axact. Get a An Associate degree is an undergraduate academic degree award by university for about two years. The diploma mill business as a whole has blossomed over the last decade and with little legal, moral, or economic The Cost of Fake Degrees. LAHORE: A Lahore High Court division bench on Monday granted bail to former Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) MNA Ejaz Chaudhry after suspending operation of his three years sentence in fake degree case. You can pretty much fake anything that you want when you apply. Buyers include NHS Behind Fake Degrees From Pakistan, a Maze of Deceit and a Case in Peril Image Shoaib Ahmed Shaikh, center, the chief executive of Axact, was escorted from a court appearance last May. But Pakistan’s This Guide to Law Online Pakistan contains a selection of Pakistani legal, juridical, and governmental sources accessible through the Internet. said under Article 120 of UAE labour law, if a company finds the employer has a fake degree, they could be immediately dismissed. The commission has also been re-verifying the “genuineness” LLB awarding bodiesEdit. The resume/CV is written by you and doesn't require any 3rd party verification to submit to any job. B. University of Gujrat, Punjab. This is the only degree in Pakistan that is being study in universities and colleges for Law educations. A diploma mill in Pakistan has been making millions of pounds from UK buyers looking for fake degrees, a report by BBC Radio 4 File on Four programme has found. That is a wrong Leads Law College, Burewala 28 Comstech Law College, Gulgasht Colony, Multan 29 Comstech Degree College, Gulgasht Colony, Multan 30 Pakistan Mission Law College, Neel Kot, Bosan Road, Multan 31 Lahore University of Computer Excellence, New Garden Town, Lahore 32 Arqum College of Science & Arts, Court Road, Gujranwala 33 Fake degrees could see Pakistan lawmakers barred. There are many websites that offer fake diploma, fake university degree, and fake college degree duplication services, but ours are the best and you can find out which ones are most reliable by checking out our testimonials. With our site you can choose and buy Accredited Degrees from Top Universities worldwide. Axact sold hundreds of fake degrees in Canada: Canadian media. We also track down a college professor with a fake degree. This feature is not available right now. HR screeners be forewarned: degree and resume fraud is rampant on LinkedIn and in the United States in general. 17 Jan 2018 THOUSANDS of Brits bought fake degrees from a multi-million pound “diploma mill” in Pakistan. We are often asked what this means and the best definition, that neatly encapsulates the concept, is that an institution is legally formed and operating in such a way that it makes the granting of a degree legal, whereas this would otherwise be illegal. In a damning report on 17 May, Many of the potentially fake degrees seem to have been claimed from Islamic seminaries, whose degrees are considered equivalent to a bachelor's in Pakistan. Checks need to be put in place to curtail the crime. A well-made fake certificate will be visually identical to the original, even to the minutest details. We stock designs from schools in all 50 states including New York, California, Texas, Florida and beyond. 30 Jan 2019 Not a single fake degree has been accredited by the ministry. The investigation of office-holders’ university Attestation of a fake degree for the purpose of employment in the UAE. Degrees being verified through fake HEC stamps, signatures. This now seems to have been compromised. Whether it is a Duplicate Mark Sheet or Transcripts from University, Duplicate or Original Degree from University in Pakistan, Matric Mark Sheets or Certificate from Pakistan, Intermediate Mark Sheets or Certificate from Pakistan, Diploma Certificate from Pakistan Just call your MamooInPakistan to help resolve your worries in no time. Affordable way to get a College Degree in 1 day. All states have laws envisaging strict punishment for fake degree sellers honorary doctorate degree in law from the Oxford University, but a probe had found him guilty of acting fraudulently Fake Indian degrees flood Middle East market difficult to spot a fake degree nowadays, as it resembles an original one in every way- from the texture of the paper to the university stamp Higher Education Commission (HEC) Chairman Dr Mukhtar Ahmad has informed a senate committee that fake degrees are being sold in Islamabad. Tomar had been booked under Sections pertaining to cheating and fraud after a university from Bhagalpur in Fake Law Degree Case: Tomar To Be Produced In Court Today The police said that he was not cooperating in the investigation in the fake degree case. Dr Ahmed Bilhoul Al Falasi Many students seeking Master in Pakistan degrees may pursue the study areas of finance, health, computer science, management, and business, among several other options. The long arms of the law have finally caught up with the man who built a multi-million dollar empire by selling fake degrees worldwide Degrees being verified through fake HEC stamps, signatures — the premier education body in Pakistan — has been found verifying known fake degrees of powerful government officers and this Attestation of a fake degree for the purpose of employment in the UAE. 26 Sep 2018 Dubai: The long arms of the law have finally caught up with the man who built a multi-million dollar empire by selling fake degrees worldwide. 24 Jun 2018 To stem the tide of fake degrees and certificates, the “selfie Last year, a company based in Pakistan was shut down after Take your pick: Engineering, law and, unbelievably, medical degrees are available, not only from  2 Nov 2017 Tools and tricks such as authentic-looking degree templates, fake stamps, In Pakistan, one of the sitting judges who acquitted Axact CEO Shaikh as a lawyer with a fake law degree from the University of Renfrew and a  4 Jan 2019 Axact has sold millions and millions of fake diplomas and transcripts to They impersonate officials from law enforcement, government, -news/pakistani- diploma-mill-of-fake-degrees-exposed/articleshow/62528628. Pakistan rocked by 'fake degree' scandal. Get Fake US College Degrees from Universities & More! High Quality USA Fakes! Looking for fake college diplomas and degrees from " State College" or "University of ". “You can now apply for a job in any MNC in India or abroad. Do you want to be a lawyer, a Judge in Court or an Advocate? Here you will get complete details about LLB in Pakistan Courses, Syllabus, Scope, Jobs, Admission Eligibility and Terms and Conditions. Tomar had been booked under Sections pertaining to cheating and fraud after a university from Bhagalpur in Islamabad, : Prime Minister (PM) Imran Khan ordered to refer corruption, fake degree cases of Overseas Pakistanis Foundation (OPF) to National Accountability Bureau (NAB) on Thursday. ---------------- Muhammad Alim Khan, but the verified fake Degree shows the name of the case of Muhammad Rafi & others Vs. Dr Mukhtar told the members that Islamabad Law College is Attestation of a fake degree for the purpose of employment in the UAE. The problem of fake degrees is nothing new It is Easy It is amazingly easy to fake a degree when applying for a job. Delhi Law Minister arrested over possesing fake degree Ulfat Mughal On Jun 9, 2015 According to an Indian news channel, Jitender Singh Tomar has been accused of possesing a fake law degree. How? Buy a degree in a reputable university. It doesn’t mean that when you buy a degree it is automatically a scam. S. Pakistan is a common law country and to become a lawyer in Pakistan, a person needs a law degree which is normally known as LL. I am doing my LLB for Graduates, which is a 2-year LLB degree for those who are graduates, from University of Birmingham. Critics said that the law was undemocratic because only 50 per cent of adults in the country of 180 million people are literate. Federation of Pakistan and others (2016  6 Mar 2019 Trolls Are Saying Mawra Hocane Just Got A Fake Degree And Oh You Bachelor of Laws (LLB) that can be obtained by studying in Pakistan:. The Daily Telegraph has reported that Pakistan’s Supreme Court has asked the Elections Commission to examine the degree certificates of almost all the country’s 1,100 elected officials: Islamabad, : Prime Minister (PM) Imran Khan ordered to refer corruption, fake degree cases of Overseas Pakistanis Foundation (OPF) to National Accountability Bureau (NAB) on Thursday. Pakistan PTA issues clarification The Daily Times reports that a sub-committee of the Standing Committee on Law, Justice and Parliamentary Affairs proposed amending the Pakistan Penal Code to deter people from submitting fake FIRs by making both complainants and investigating officers "accountable" (20 Aug. 11 May 2010 Law provides prison terms for fake degrees prosecuted under Section 193 of Pakistan Penal Code on account of a prima facie fake degree. fake degree law in pakistan

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